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Tim Cook Playing Mastermind Role In Apple’s Culminating Testimony

Tim Cook is playing the mastermind role in his latest Epic v Apple’s culminating testimony that had the eye of the whole tech world. It does show a lot about the eye of Apple in making an impact around the world. Despite receiving fiery approach from Epic’s side, Cook remained cool, calm and collective and build a space that his epic tim cookcoldeweytechcrunch has helped people around the world to make a creative impact. It has left in many important questions unanswered, which does play a major role in telling the fact that how Apple is misleading some of the facts for their own good.
Apple’s App Store does have its great market. Hence, the question comes that what is the need of these apps not telling the truth around the world.

Being the head of Apple, it is Tim Cook who has to answer all the questions for making an impact that can tell users that the app store of the mega brand is safe and best to use. It does also help to questions apple monopoly which is not at all good for other businesses and the growth they do want to take for moving ahead with the times.
Apple’s own attorneys did call them and hence, it led the leader of the brand to take a stand which became crucial. Law360’s Dorothy Atkins was not allowed at the court, but they did play a crucial role from the behind. It does mean that with the time, the brand can be moved in a right direction for keep on keep growing and answering some of the questions they can for the betterment of the company.
Epic CEO Tim Sweeney did have his words in a different manner. He went to to the Tweeter and said: “Sweeney is sitting at Epic’s counsel table looking down at his pen. His lawyer Gary Bornstein sporadically whispers in his ear. Cook seems relaxed, legs crossed. Just turned to someone sitting next took him, said something and then laughed. — these trying times. (@doratki)”

This does tell the fact that Apple has to work in a sensational manner for keep on growing to that level where things do not benefit them only but the whole world which is the need of the hour in many different ways. And hence, it his epic apple cookcoldeweytechcrunch does show the fact that Apple has to grow up from the mindset of doing things for their profit only and not think about the impact others can make if they get right chances to move ahead of keep on delivering at the right pace.

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This is what Epic wants Apple to understand. However, the take of Apple is that they do have anything major to prove to others.

It is what one can see Apple doing for keep on delivering at the right pace, which one can epic tim cookcoldeweytechcrunch
see as a major move they can do so there will not be companies telling them that they are doing something very wrong in their lives.

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