iPhone 13 Blue

iPhone 13 Blue: Review, Look, Creative, Touch

ABOUT THE BRAND: iPhone 13 Blue

iPhone is a popular brand of smartphones, which bought a revolution to the world of smartphones. These iphones are made by the multi billion dollar famous company led by Steve Jobs known as Apple. All of Apple’s iPhones use the ios software and are very different from the regular android ios. That’s what makes them unique and distinctive. They are known for their superior quality, better security, cleaner and smoother OS, powerful chips, high end cameras and costly prices. From the November of 2018, more than 2.2 billion of iPhones have beens sold in the market. Since 2008, apple has released a ton of iphones. Starting from the original iPhone to iPhone 13 pro max. Apple sells all their products very exclusively. Even their chargers and accessories are different from other phones and we cannot connect them with android phones or any other smartphone brand. The apple brand not only makes iPhone, but many other products as well. Yes, they are more recognized for their iPhones but their famous product before the iPhone was the iPod. They also sell Mac, which are laptops and computers. They sell air pods too. According to Steve Jobs, the “i” in any of their products stands for the “individual.”

iPhone 13 BLUE: Creative Look

The blue iPhone 13 looks absolutely fabulous. It allows you to make your own statement. They did not name it anything fancy like “midnight” or something, they just kept it blue because they know it’s blue and it’s everyone’s favorite color. It is perfect because the blue isn’t too glossy or bright. In other words, it’s the perfect amount of blue you should have on the back of a phone. Those who bought midnight blue of iPhone 12, will enjoy this even more.

The hues are very relaxing and it’s a tad cooler than the midnight blue. The blue doesn’t give off dull vibe, it gives a rich vibe. It is also very subtle and can go with any gender, not too feminine or masculine either. It goes with every outfit you wear, whether it’s classy or funky or casual, this blue color can go with anything. If you buy an expensive iPhone then you must want it to look Elegant, this blue is the perfect definition of elegant.

It definitely has the tendency to turn some heads towards your phone.

iPhone 13 Blue


The iPhone 13 comes in three variants : 128, 256, 512 GB. The mini is 140 grams and the regular one is 173 grams. It has super retina XDR display. The size of the display is 6.1 inch and the display is fully OLED. The resolution of the screen is 460 ppi. They have HDR display, true tone, Haptic touch. Both are water and dust resistant. The chip inside is a powerful A15 bionic chip with six cores. The gpu is of 4 cores. The camera is so good you can shoot films – 12MP wide & ultra wide cameras. Both of the models support wireless charging & Face ID.

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