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Pops Maellard: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Life

Fun fact is Pop Maellard birth name is wierd. It’s Mega Kranus. He is the character who is a tritagonist in the animated series called – The Regular show. His figure is literally a human lollipop. He was also very rich in the series. He is from a place called the Lolilland and his step father owns his house and the park. Pops actually shares his house with Rigby and Mordecai. To be honest, he is a billionaire who was restricted and locker during most of his childhood. This is the reason he is very grateful now for what he’s doing in the moment. He also has an evil brother- who is Anti Pops, his name is Malum Kranus.

In the final episode, both of these characters die. He us voiced by Sam Marin who also voices Muscle man and Benson. He is the park employee. The park employ benson can’t yell at. He had many professional skills & hobbies. His prime goal in life is to stop his evil brother from destroying the universe.

POP’S OUTLOOK: Pops Maellard

His color is pink pale. He is literally a lollipop. His height is around 6ft, that too without his cap. His body physique is too much like a stick. But his head is abnormal compared to rest of his body, it’s spherical and large. He is always dresses as a gentleman, gravy vest, off white shirt and light grey pants. Shoes the color of his waist and a hat. He is bald and keeps a moustache.


Pops is always in the mood of jolly. His personality can be pretty naive. He works with Benson and they both are managers of the park. Besides being a manager, he does groundskeeping. He is very formal and tries to be a gentleman all the time. But he is child minded and naive to the world around him. He likes Mordecai and Rigby more than Benson and his father is the owner of the park. But Pops has to rely on Benson for the management of the park. He tends to stay in an optimistic mood all the time but that doesn’t mean you can disrespect him. When he is not acting naive, he can be a gentleman. He always demands Benson to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby. Most of the characters respect him as a friend.

POP’S TRAITS: Pops Maellard

Plays keyboard : In a few episodes, he is seen playing the keyboard beautifully.

butterflies : pops has admitted to have a keen interest in butterflies, because it promotes “positive thinking”

artist : Pops can draw very well as drawing can also give out positive vibes

wrestling : He is a good wrestler because he used to do wrestling in high school

Baking : Pops is excellent at baking and enjoys. The episodes prove that his pie is the best.

Pops Maellard


Quartz Parchment Shears is what they call Rock Paper Scissors from where pops comes from

Pops owns three cars

He made a cameo appearance in “2 in the AM PM.”

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