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Mr Douche Bag is a meme which criticizes overly masculine men for their features and personality. Simply put, a band called “your favorite martian” made a music video in 2011 which was very flashy. This video had a character named “Mr douchebag.” In the video, Mr douchebag looks muscular, has a chin strap beard on his face, has a tanned body, spiked hair, wears a tank top. So, it was made to be a parody of “too masculine men.” The video inspired a lot of people to make other remix videos based on this parody.


This video actually got so popular that people started remixing other videos with the original one, the day it came out. YouTuber Idan shared a video of this when the original came out and it got over 58,000 views soon. On the same day, a channel called SpedUpSongs2011 posted a different remix and it also got 52,000 views very fast. But after a while, when people thought this meme was dead, in 2019 it made an appearance again and resurged! At that time, YouTuber Sloano posted a remix which got a whooping 290,000 views! Other than making people laugh, this meme also fought “toxic masculinity” in the society. There are many threats and dangers of toxic masculinity. By making fun of this idea and shaming this principle, people realized that being overly masculine is a toxic thing to do and is unhealthy for a society.


These are the videos which are remixed with Mr douchebag saying that the character in the videos are douchebags.

  • Tobey Maguire in the famous spiderman scene where he says “I missed the part where that’s my problem”
  • When Lamar, the character from GTA V, teases franklin with the word “nigga” but he is also from the same ethnicity.
  • A video of an among us character killing his friend from behind.
  • A video of zooming into a character’s skin and showing coronavirus as mr douchebag.’
  • A man trying to enter a shop without mask in 2020, and fighting with the security – douchebag.
  • Pewdiepie saying “after years of thinking I finally decided to do a face reveal”
  • A parent telling his son not to make friends so that he can study well – douchebag alert.
  • A man telling a woman not to work in the office because she cooks good – douchebag max
  • Video of the famous rick and morty pickle episode but Instead of rick saying – I am pickle rick, he says I’m douchebag rick.
Douchebag Meme


All of us love to see and share memes. One might think of memes as a vast source of entertainment today. But they have become more than that, they are a part of our lives now. Anything happens in the world, you will see a meme on the internet and relate to it. Memes help us to understand any concept or information a lot easily, because every meme has a different kind of feeling attached to it. It is also normal for an individual, a group of people or the whole world to be hit by a wave of sadness due to certain events. But memes have always helped us to cope up with our stress and anxiety.

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