Becoming a top leader is indeed a very hard task. It takes years to become a stable captain of the ship. Hence, not every good professional can be a good inspirational figure. The main example can Sachin Tendulkar. He was a fantastic cricketer – but not a great leader. There are other examples in the world of sports too. They are good player – but not are the perfect captain. Running a business does not need a captain like Roy Keane because he will kill the motivation of those who take things very seriously. In that face, John Terry will be a great captain to lead the ship. Hence, let us take a look at the top five ways to become a successful leader.     

5 Leader: Humble

Every leader should be humble in a way. He should never cut the salary of those who work under him. If things are not working well, cut your salary first. This is indeed the best way to move forward. Otherwise, things might not look as good as apple pie. 

4 Leader: Creative 

One should be super creative for making things better. If you are miles ahead of those who work under you, things will look far better than what it is. Hence, it can only inspire others. 

3: Management

Treating every person with the same stick is not good. Every individual has something if we can get the best out of him. It is all about filling lacunas for becoming productive. It shows the level of tenacity one has. 

2: Learning 

Every leader should learn things creatively. It indeed makes the world a better place. Learning is the best way to look better than others. It indeed kills competition. 

1 Smart

Every leader should be too smart. Otherwise, there are many people with bad intentions. They might not think twice before planning your downfall.  

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