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Eightfold Valued At $2.1B After Latest Funding Round

It feels as the light of AI is leading things ahead in the very best manner, hence, Eightfold has seen a upside valuation of USD $2.1B, after taking the funding of $220M from SoftBank. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 managed to win this round. It was a series E round for a start-up that has covered 5 years of the journey now. In a aipowered 220m serieshalltechcrunch short span of a time, the start-up has been 1 billion up.
Ashutosh Garg, who is the founder and chief executive of Eightfold AI, has managed to raise a funding of 220 million, which they do see as a key move to make an impact and lead things ahead. Existing investors General Catalyst, Capital One Ventures, Foundation Capital, IVP and Lightspeed Venture Partners did also take ride in the funding round. It does show how well the investors have an interest in the event.

It means that start-up has taken the funding of USD 410 million till the date. The AI tool is there to provide hiring related solutions to the clints that helps aipowered 220m serieshalltechcrunch them to make an impact in the very best manner and let them get the best fits for the company as IT and non-IT brands do spend millions of dollars in paying companies to hire good people at a right price for them.
Hence, it does tell a lot about Eightfold AI and how it is solving the problem of getting the best persons who can take a company forward to the very best level. This is what one can see as a major impact to move forward and lead thing to a sensational level. The main objective they have to reduce biases in their hirings.
“Instead of searching for a job, a candidate can upload their resume and the system will tell the most relevant job for that candidate in real time,” explained Garg

He added: “What this does is, it reduces the drop-off rate. And our clients see more applications — and field more diverse applications.”

The start-up does have clients from 100 different nations. It does tell the major base they have and how it does make the look and feel which is the need of the hour in many different ways. As they do work in multiple 220m series softbank tempomangalindantechcrunch languages, it does help them to create a look that can lead things to a classical level. It is what tells them a lot about the power of AI and how it can lead the look and feel to the very best level.

“This has helped businesses almost double their internal mobility,” said Garg.

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Garg did work at IBM Research. It does show that from which creative brand he has come from and how it does help him to keep on getting the funding, which is the need of hour in many different ways.
“Transforming HR and global talent further unlocks trillions of dollars’ worth of human potential. SoftBank shares our bold vision, and we are excited to welcome them as our partner,” he said.

These are just the points that makes the AI leading many fields.

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