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Aoi Todo: Cast, Life, Character, Bio 

One of world’s most famous anime series and best rated series is Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s concept is new and fresh – that is why it is so widely popular, and the animation is truly insane. He acts as a third year student in the manga / series. He is a vey highly skilled Jujutsu sorcerer that is why his rank is a Grade 1 sorcerer of Jujutsu. Todo considers Yuri Itadori as his true best friends after he fought with him he realized Yuri is a nice competitor and has motivation to fight like him. Despite being very powerful he is of human species only. His birthday is on the 23rd of September. His age when the manga / series takes place is just 18. Todo height in the manga and anime is 191 cm which is very tall ( 6 foot and 3 inches). He debuts in manga in the chapter 16 and debuts in the anime version in the episode 8. He is voiced in Japanese by Subaru Kimiura and in english by Xander Mobus.


He is very tall, about 191 cm. That makes him the same height as none other than Gojo Sensei. His skin is tanned. His body physique is very defined and muscular, you can see all his abs, cuts and muscles clearly. He has a humongous physique. His hair is black and reaches his shoulder. The color of his eyes are black and they are small in size. His styles his coarse hair in a top knot bun. His unique feature is that he has a large scar than runs down on his left side of the face. Whenever he is in a battle, he rips his shirt off, so that his body and muscles can move freely. Below, he wears the martial arts pants and keeps it light by wearing slippers.


Aoi todo has a distinct personality and has a very eccentric attitude. He cares about one thing in his life, that is – a battle. He enjoys battling with opponents. Todo enjoys it even more if his opponents are stronger and stronger. He is literally crazy about it. He loves Tadaka Chan – a pop star in the series. Todo enjoys showing off his muscular body. He does not like to get bored, even in battle. He reads people by asking what is their taste in women. Todo likes Yuji because he gave him the reply and Todo realized they both have same taste. He is very confident of himself in combat.

Aoi Todo


He can single handedly defeat 5 high grade cursed spirits like it was a child’s play. He is truly a master in hand to hand combat. Todo prefers it actually. He has so much raw strength that he can most of the fights based on his power alone. He has extreme speed and has great tactical knowledge that he puts to use in genius ways. Todo has massive cursed energy and techniques like Black Flash, showig one’s cars, boogie woogie and his simple domain and also has cursed tools.

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