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Antony Varghese: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Wiki

He is one of the Indian actors who appeared mainly in all kinds of Malayalam films. And was known to make their debut in the 2017 film Angamaly Diaries. He is known to be popular in many films.

Overview: Antony Varghese

He was born on 11th Oct 1989 in Angamaly, Kerala in India. He has Indian nationality. And do his education at Maharaja’s College Ernakulam and has the occupation of an actor. And present in the acting field since 2017 and he married Anisha Paulose.

Career: Antony Varghese

He was known to make his debut in 2017 and was known for portraying the lead role of Vincent Pepe in the movie Angamaly Diaries. And then this film become a blockbuster and also he was also known to rose to fame he is very well known for his screen name that is Pepe. And this character took him into various films and included several Filmfare awards south. Varghese also his second film was done in various films such as swathandriam Ardharathriyil which used to be directed by the debutant Tinu Pappachan. And done various films based on thrillers such as Kottayam.

Varghese also signed various films such as jallikettu and also collaborate a second time with Lip Jose Pellissery and also these movies achieved very much financial success and are known to be nominated for Oscar film festivals and in the category of India’s Oscar entries under one of feature film category and also his performance is very much acclaimed and one of his latest performance and which is highly acclaimed is ajagajantharam and then he was seen collaborating with tinu pappachan then this film it released on 23rd December 2021. And then he also appears in one of the first films as super sharanya and where he played the important role in the cameo.  

Filmography: Antony Varghese

He appear in many of the films such as Angamaly Diaries, Swathandriam Ardharathriyil , Jalikkattu, Ajagajantharam, super Charania, and innate vare and also appear in many of the character roles and also appear in short films such as Mouse Trap and wabi sabi and appear in character roles such as Subash Chandra Bose and is well known for various short films and roles. And also appear latest in the movie RDX  and title role of the dony and for the character Nahas Hidhayath and this film is yet to be announced. And also many of the production films such as Poovan, Dev Fakir, Oh meri Laila and aravaram. He appeared in various travel vlog and Malayalam short films. And he also appear in various films such as Innale vare and for the title role of Vinod Shreedhar and this film is directed by Jis joy. And also appear for various title roles such as Tinu Pappachan, Girish A.D , Jis Joy, Vineeth Vasudevan, Zac Harriss, Abhishek KS and Nahas Hidhayath. Some films are for post production and in some films he is filming and some films he has completed filming.

Antony Varghese


Antony Varghese received various awards for the category such as South Filmfare Award and it is for the best Malayalam film and he is male debuted and also appear for film such as Angamaly Diaries and he received this award.

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