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From the old age era to this new world of 2022, times are changing, fast and in a rapid way. People are finally letting go of the old beliefs instead of latching on to them. For many many years, the term “sex” meaning the sexual activity was hyped and everyone seemed the most interested in it. Don’t get the wrong thought, people still do but some people are changing. They have no interest in sexuality or any act related to it whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if you are or are not one of those people who call themselves “asexual” but you will definitely enjoy our list of asexual memes.


Asexuality is getting more and more main stream and popular with people now a days. People who truly feel like they are asexual and have no interest in any sexual act exist and it’s not like they don’t enjoy sex. According to them, it’s just that they enjoy to do other things more rather than just being sexual because the world hypes it up. They feel like they truly need to be understood as people often misunderstand them. This is the part where memes help them to express their feelings in a funny, non offending way and it also allows understand other people to understand their feelings, because people understand concepts of memes better than physics. Also, as the days pass, the number of asexual memes are also increasing. Asexual memes are also a way for people who want sexual activity in their life but don’t get it to make fun of themselves in the form of memes.


  • Me : I am asexual

Others : there’s no proof that humans can be asexual.

Me : brings 5 library books and gets ready for the explanation.

  • My girlfriend after the 5th date : you wanna come inside my house for the night

Me : Ah, actually I have to complete my minecraft level.

  • Me looking for an excuse to give the boys for my lack of success in relationships : I am asexual.
  • Asexual Memes starting a war in the comment section by writing I am asexual.
  • When you are trying to explaining your asexuality to people for the 685th time : Ah shit, here we go again.
  • When you are watching a good movie and there is an adult scene : No no no.
  • Asexual Memes some random flirts with me : asexual panic noises.
  • Sex is cool but have your ever spent 6 hours in a day looking at reddit memes.
  • Girl : Am I hot?

Asexuals : well yes but actually no.

Asexual Memes


Since 2020, a lot of people are having stress and having a hard time coping up with their mind. We all sometimes feel un-motivated, sad, tension and negative thoughts.

Memes are the best way any individual or group can share to ease the tension and soothe the pain. When a mutual event happens, even a big pandemic, people make memes about it and share it with their group or the world. They can relate to the situation and laugh together. Nothing can go wrong when one tries to spread joy, when one tries to spread memes. They are our internet saviors.

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