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Nathan Webb: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Career

Nathan Webb is one of the early American congregational ministers. He was born on 9th April 1705 and he was born to the Braintree Massachusetts colony in British America. He died on 17th march 1772 and he was around 66 years. Nathan has the occupation of Pastor and is in the great awakening period. He is the one new church of that time. His spouse was Ruth Adams of Braintree and his children were one daughter Elizabeth Webb and his parents Benjamin Webb and Susanna Ballentine.

Early Life: Nathan Webb

He was born to Benjamin Webb and her spouse Susanna Ballentine. He was born in 1667 and then he died in 1739. Nathan then married Ruth Adams on 23rd November 1731 in the Braintree. He has a nephew who is one of the famous presidents John Adams and he visited him in Uxbridge he has an uncle who was born on March 1756. His mother’s name was Susanna Ballentine and his father’s name was Benjamine Webb.


He was then known to be the first minister who was incorporated into the Town of? Uxbridge in 1727. After that Congregational church automatically split from the church of Mendon which is situated in Massachusetts. It was officially separated. This Uxbridge congregational church is the first church to be built in the new town of Uxbridge.

Churches at that period are attributed and they were listed in the 45 new congregational churches that come on 3rd February 1731. The churches were known to attribute from the text known as the great awakening and these churches were known to be regarded as the first 45 churches which are listed in New England and were newly listed in the list.

Dead and Afterwards: Nathan Webb

He died around the age of 66 years. Nathan donated 26 pounds and 13 shillings and around 4 cents which he has gained from the investment and is also known for the improved work which he has learned so far. He was always regarded as one of the orthodox congregational ministers for the churches forever. His funeral was held on around 18th April in 1772 and just after three years of the Battles of Lexington and concord.

The most recent location of this congregational church is situated at the Uxbridge common district and that is now has changed to from the 1830s to the new one which is termed to be the more liberal that is Unitarian church.

nathan webb

Significance in American History

He then pastored to the first new congregational church which is known to be situated around Massachusetts and that started around the time of the great awakening period. And it has been around 41 years since this church is made and left its mark on America and its early freedoms. After his death, he was given a Reverend Ebeneezer Chaplin which is situated around the church at Sutton Massachusetts and that is embodied with the character of the Webb that is known for its posterity. After that semon was also known to deliver that just after 3 years and before the time of Lexington Alarm. The youngest Baxter Hall of the church was known to answer that Lexington Alarm has become a drummer than he was known as the first muster of this American Revolution.

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