Bamboo sheets are some of the most awesome fabrics for beddings. The quality of the material is suitable for adult and kids’ beddings. Bamboo sheets are more comfortable and durable. They also have heat-absorption properties that keep the fabric cool in avery dennison vinyl warm climates.  Bamboo sheets may also be called rayon sheets.

The bamboo fabric is produced with Bamboo grass. The bamboo grass is gathered, and the manufacturing process starts. The grass is transformed into fiber and then into pulp. This pulp is then processed and then stored to dry. This dry version is then made into threads that are woven into fabrics. Some bamboo sheets may come with blended material (bamboo threaded woven with other fabrics), While others are made of only bamboo. Predictably, the bamboo-only sheets are of  better quality.

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Retaining the excellence

Though bamboo sheets are designed to last up to decades, proper maintenance tends to elongate their shelf life. This brings us to the next question. How do you wash your bamboo sheets?  Below are few tips.

  • Your bed linen should be due for washing after seven to ten days of use days during summer. In winter, they can take as long as two weeks before they are due for washing.
  • Do not wash your bamboo sheets in hot or warm water. At most, the temperature for washing should be set at 30C max.
  • Wash each sheet separately and keep the machine in a mild cycle. This is to prevent the zippers or hooks from tangling and causing abrasion when there is more than one sheet. Also, it would be best if you did not wash them along with clothings like  blankets or towels except you like prefer very linty sheets
  • Make sure your detergent is mild, biodegradable, and preferably liquid. If you have powdered or bar detergent, ensure you dissolve it well before putting the sheets into the machine.
  • It is advisable to avoid using fabric  bleach since it is filled with strong chemical solutions.
  • To keep your bedding bright, a laundry pre-soak and  stain remover will be a good alternative for bleach.
  •  Since bamboo sheets can stay soft after washing, you need not bother with fabric softeners.
  • It’s healthier for your fabric if you dry it on lines rather than using a machine dryer. If you have to,  set it at low heat and mild tumble cycle.
  • Bamboo sheets are designed to make wrinkles disappear if they drape well after washing. Therefore, it might not need ironing if you drape them well.
  • Bamboo sheets are  mostly packaged with bags that are breathable and reusable. Don’t store them in plastic bags that are not breathable. This could cause the sheets to get  yellow or grow mildew. Cardboards are also not safe options. They could transfer acid and allergens to the sheets.

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