How to choose your preferred body pillow

The role body pillows play in enhancing sleep cannot be overemphasized. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant and need a little more cushion for your baby bump, or you just need more support to help you sleep better on your side, a body pillow offers a lot of benefits and would do you a great deal of good. Especially when you get the best body pillow the market has to offer. Based on its shape, a body pillow can provide support for both your back and stomach if you choose to sleep on your side or you have a nine-pound baby growing inside of you. While some use body pillows because they need that support to help them sleep well, others use them because they enjoy the cozy feeling of cuddling something in their sleep.

It is one thing to desire the pleasure and comfort that comes from using a body pillow, it is another thing to know how to buy the best body pillow. Body pillows come in various shapes and sizes but one thing they all offer is comfort. To save you the stress of having to worry about not buying the best body pillow, we have put together a list of things to look out for when buying a body pillow and what makes a body pillow the best. For more updates, visit:

·         The best body pillow will be firm enough to give maximum support for side sleepers but still as soft as the cloud. It should maintain its fluffiness and remain firm even after prolonged use.

·         The best body pillow should offer protection against allergens such as dust mites, mold, pollen, and tiny particles it should be a great hypoallergenic.

·         The best body pillow should be adjustable and provide room to remove or add more foam to increase or reduce the firmness.

·         A great body pillow should not get warm at night. It should stay cold all through the night without giving off that gross, humid feeling. Especially for people who are sensitive to heat.

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Caring for your body pillow

A body pillow is an everyday item and as such, will collect specks of dust, sweat, and other debris that can trigger reactions in allergic individuals. This is why it is important to wash your body pillow at least, every three to six months to help you sleep in a safe and hygienic environment.

Knowing how to wash your body pillow the right way is important. It is beyond throwing it in a washer or dryer because while some kinds of body pillows can be washed in a washing machine, others would be permanently ruined in the process. To avoid this, below are instructions on how to wash your body pillow:

         i.            Only body pillows made from cotton materials should be washed in a machine, and do not over stuff the washer so the pillows can be properly cleaned.

       ii.            Always wash body pillows alone, using mild detergent.

      iii.            Washing with hot water can ruin the shape and firmness of some pillows. To avoid this, always wash and dry on a low heat setting.

     iv.            Dry body pillows completely after washing before use because damp pillows encourage the growth of mold and can damage even the best body pillow.

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