Is Your A/C Showing These Problems?

As your air conditioner ages, its efficiency level and performance declines, and your home might not be as cool as it was. Time will come that a replacement will be needed to restore your home’s comfort. This is the case when you need a new installation.

However, some problems with your system might only require A/C repair service from the pros. If your air conditioner experiences problems, it will send you a message through signs to let you know it’s not in good working condition.

If you see these problems below, immediately call a professional technician for immediate repair.

A/C Produces Weird Noises

Your air conditioner typically produces some level of sounds when turned on or off or during the operation.  Any other disruptive noises, such as banging, rattling, clanging, hissing, and grinding can indicate problems with your system. These sounds could mean your system has loose parts, damaged components, or mechanical issues.

It only takes a professional technician to do expert A/C repair service and get your system up and running again.

A/C Short Cycles

Short cycle means your air conditioner turns on and off after a few minutes and does not complete a full cooling cycle. Within an hour, your A/C compressor may turn on and off six times or more. It puts excess strain on the compressor, which results in high cooling bills.

Short cycle can also occur if your system is not sized right for your home. A lot of things can happen if your air conditioner short cycles, so it’s best to bring in an expert for quality A/C repair service.

A/C Emits Strange Odors Through the Vents

All you want is to get clean and fresh air from your A/C as it works. But some acrid odor coming from the vent might become noticeable—and it’s a red flag. That strange smell is commonly produced if your equipment’s motor or electrical parts are starting to overheat and soon might burn out if not addressed.

You can also smell a musty odor from your vent. One that causes it is mold due to high humidity. Mold is developed in warm and damp ducts. When your cooling system kicks in, they are blown into your home, causing a musty odor. Schedule an A/C repair service to address the problem.

A/C Doesn’t Cool Your Home Evenly

If one of the areas in your home feels warmer than the other, then there’s a problem with your cooling system. It might be losing cooling power and fail to provide a balanced temperature throughout your home.

Uneven cooling can happen due to various reasons, including insufficient refrigerant charge, damaged ductwork, or an old cooling system. Bring in a professional technician to check your system and recommend the best solutions for your comfort.

A/C is Freezing

Not because air conditioners are designed for cooling doesn’t mean there’s ice involved in the process. The ice formation on your A/C coil prevents it from absorbing the heat. This results in poor cooling in your home.

Using an ice pick or chisel to remove the ice on the coil is not a long-term solution. The ice will just get back when your A/C runs again. You need to fix the root cause of the problem through an expert A/C repair service to restore your system’s function.

Get the Problems Fixed With Professional A/C Repair Service

 If you experience any of the issues listed above, immediately call the experts for the repairs. Delaying the fix can compromise your comfort and harm your air conditioning system.

You can count on Bill’s Heating & A/C if you need quality A/C repair service. Call the company at 208-777-5528 or contact them online to set an appointment.

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