Benefits of Employee Background Checks in Charlotte, NC

Many employers consider background checks in Charlotte, NC, as another set of expenses, so they’d rather skip that step and welcome the applicant straight to their business. While this can be true, a background check can also help verify an applicant’s qualifications and save your company from dishonest, fraudulent, and ineligible people.

If you are looking for reasons why you need to do a background check for your current and future employees, here are some insights to consider:

·         Improved Quality of Hire

Do you know that the quality of hire improves when you do a background check on your applicants? It helps in knowing if the details in their resume are accurate or they were just misrepresented. Studies show that applicants who have done negative acts in the past are most likely to falsify their resumes just to get the job. Uncovering this information will also prevent future financial, legal, and regulatory risks for your business.

·         Reduced Negligent Hiring Risks

An employer may be eligible for negligent hiring risks when an employee has an undiscovered record of doing harm to a co-worker within the scope of their job and ends up doing it again. The harassed party can file a negligent hiring lawsuit and it can result in expensive cases and reputation damage.

·         Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

An employee background check can help satisfy industry standards and federal state requirements. These requirements vary from one state to another and the job position. Failing to do so can cause the employer to face fines and legal damages.

·         Improved Workplace Safety

Background screening can reduce employee theft, workplace accidents, and workplace violence. When an employer conducts background checks in Charlotte, NC, they protect their property and workers against unlawful workplace incidents.

·         Maximize Productivity

Background checks help narrow down your choices. It gives you a higher chance of hiring the best people and rejects the rest. This is a strong performance indicator and can reveal your future employees’ future productivity, job skills, and interpersonal abilities.

Complete Background Check Services in Charlotte, SC

Whitesell Investigative Services is the go-to team for professional background checks in Charlotte, NC. You can use our background screening service to ensure you’re not going on a date with a criminal or you want to hire the best people for your business. We have a unique way of getting a full measure of information so you can make wise decisions for your life and business. The different background checks that we are handling include pre-employment background checks, tenant background checks, child care background checks, online dating background checks, and executive background checks.

If you need any of these background checks in Charlotte, NC, feel free to call our professional investigators at Whitesell Investigative Services. We are a team of trained, licensed, and experienced local private investigators who are experts in finding the truth. Our years of experience in the field of private investigation mean we’ve established good working relationships with local attorneys and law enforcement. Call us today!

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