Glitter Aesthetic

Glitter Aesthetic: Feeling Magic Of Stars

Glitter aesthetic: Introduction

Sparkles and glitters are always so appealing to the eye. Adding glitter to anything makes it look more attractive. Fashion designers have never shied away from using sparkle and shimmer in their collections. When you think of party outfits your hands immediately pick up that one sparkly outfit hanging in your wardrobe, isn`t it (Glitter Aesthetic)?

Shimmers and glitters in fashion are timeless, you will see them around. Glitters in your minimal outfit can make it bold and stylish, it can be your daytime brunch look and nighttime date look.

All about glitter aesthetic:

Glitters always give out over the top and loud vibes. If you are a person who likes to turn heads around at a party then you must try glittery outfits. Glitters and sparkles are generally little particles with a reflective surface that reflect the light at various angles which makes your dress shimmer. Glitter commonly comes in silver or gold colors and due to their shiny surface, they reflect the color they are put upon. You get a holographic effect due to its properties.

Glitter Aesthetic
Magic at best!

Glitter sequins are sewn on a piece of fabric to make it look shimmery and pretty. It gives out angelic vibes and while wearing a sequin dress you will feel like one. Glitter does have its psychology to play, for some, it could mean luxury and power. For some, it signifies optimism and hope and for some people put on a sparkly outfit to celebrate a start of a new beginning. Some zodiac signs especially fall for everything glitter such as Libras. Glitter plays an important role in all our lives and somewhere in our fashion aesthetics too (Glitter Aesthetic).

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Styling yourself in glitter:

Although, a glittery sequin dress is not something new in the fashion industry it has been in trend since the time of the legendary Audrey Hepburn; however the designers keep on experimenting with it and come up with creative ideas every year. Glitters and sequins could be incorporated into a dress, bodysuit (like Kylie Jenner wears), and overall. Sequins are not only the medium to bring glitter to fabric, in fact using reflective stones and embellishments can also provide shimmer to an outfit (Glitter Aesthetic).

Glitter Aesthetic
Glitter Aesthetic: Creative style

Rhinestones are usually studded to a dress to make it look luxurious and glittery. These rhinestones can be studded anywhere like in jeans, top, on the collar, or the sleeves. There are several net fabrics available in the market to stitch up a nice sparkly piece of clothing. In 2022, glitters are seen all over the runway and will be in trend this year. You can style a glitter outfit in multiple ways and it is needless to say that a shimmering dress needs no other accompaniment.

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