Hinata Aesthetic

Hinata Aesthetic: Creative, Sweet Look

Hinata Aesthetic: Introduction 

Hinata Aesthetic is a beautifully slender girl of fair complexion who, as a Hyūga, her most distinguishing trait is the Byakugan, giving her featureless white eyes (lavender in the anime). She has dark blue hair that she keeps in a home-cut of different lengths: in Part I, her hair is cut graciously just above her forehead akin to a bowl-cut with chin-length strands framing her face; in Part II, her hair reaches her lower back and the framing strands reach shoulder-length; in The Last: Naruto the Movie, her hair extends beyond her hips and would at times tie it into a ponytail. By the time Boruto entered the Academy, she cut it into a bob-style reaching her shoulders.

Hinata Aesthetic
Hinata Aesthetic: Class at best

 While creating Hinata Hyuga, Masashi Kishimoto designed a figure which was kept private between assistants. In this sketch, Hinata was not meant to be a ninja and instead wore a fashion dress. Kishimoto noted he had created this design just for fun. He knew that he wanted Hinata to have a distinct personality. Nonetheless, the final Hinata aesthetics changed drastically, bringing Hinata at the confluence of a ninja and a modern girl at the same time. The appearance of Hinata changed considerably while she was becoming an adult. She started adorning girlish clothing and making rounds on the internet.

 So that she look more like an adult woman, Hinata was designed with a robust image in mind. Also, the designer thought of her with a rigid design behind her waist so that her pouch would not get in the way.

Created in order: Hinata Aesthetic

Following 2015, Hinata Aesthetic was further redesigned. Kishimoto brought another version of Hinata with shorter hair this time. Hinata’s aesthetics were imbibed hugely in her clothes, which were created in order to fit her growth as a mature woman. And being stylish while she grows to be a mother. Casual fans know Hinata grew up to marry the same person she had a crush on her entire childhood: Naruto Uzumaki. She’s a fixture in the franchise, and its spinoff, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

 Fans who were introduced to Hinata’s aesthetic as a result of the spinoff series might not realize just how important her aesthetics are to the original story. Of course, with gaps in the timeline and some versions of novels not available all over the world, even long time fans have questions about her.

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Her First Appearance

 I had just started to watch Manga and Hinata’s first appearance seemed to occur in different places. For the anime, Hinata made a startling aesthetic choice. Her first appearance in the very first episode. She appeared as one of Naruto’s classmates in the Academy, and the audience was aware from the beginning of how much she admired Naruto. In the manga, however, her appearance came much later.

Hinata Aesthetic
Beautiful Hinata Aesthetic

 While short for her age as a child, she later grew to above-average height and developed a curvaceous figure. She is noted to be beautiful by Naruto and Toneri Ōtsutsuki. In the series, Hinata has played an instrumental role to play which makes her a favourite choice for many. 

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