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Paris Aesthetic: Intro

Paris is acclaimed as the fashion capital and is renowned for its classic fashion aesthetic. French fashion has a reputation for itself around the globe; there is a set image in people`s minds. When we first think of Paris, croissants, luxury, and elegant fashion always come to our minds. Parisian fashion was known for its chicness and effortless luxury. Although it looks simple yet it does have that pure elegance to it. Simple is the best; this is what they believe in Paris. There are surely some tips that we should take from Parisiennes to upgrade our closets with chic and classy outfits.

What is the Parisian Style?: Paris Aesthetic

 The Parisian aesthetic is considered to be chic and effortlessly put together. People in Paris do not put much effort to look fashionable, their simplicity makes them look stylish. Well, it is not hard to achieve the Parisian-inspired look you just need to keep some pointers in mind. Firstly, it is all about having a few staples in your wardrobe. One must invest in good stylish pieces that they could pair with various other elements such as a coat, pantsuit, etc. You will never see a Parisian overdressed because they like to go minimalistic.

Paris Aesthetic
Paris Aesthetic: Class at best

French fashion is all about sophistication and has a vintage essence to it, thus timeless pieces in your wardrobe would satisfy the Paris aesthetics you are looking for. People in Paris always prefer quality over quantity and look for outfits or accessories which they feel confident wearing. Parisian women like to go nonchalant as they believe in the concept of less is more. Also, Parisians look for structured or tailored outfits than over-the-top silhouettes. They also prefer going with soft neutral shaded with a pop of bold shade once in a while. Clothing does not always define fashion and Paris knows it too well. Women often put together some delicate jewelry, scarf, hats, or bows as a statement piece in their simple ensemble. They also don’t like to go overboard with their makeup, keeping it natural is the key. Just some tinted moisturizer with little blush and lip stain is all you need. The above-listed tips will help you dress like Parisians.

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More about Parisian aesthetics?

Paris aesthetic includes vintage essence to it. Style in Paris is influenced by classic actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and it is very hyper-feminine. Brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton reflect the vintage idea through their collections. However, trends in Paris are ever-evolving, and it is the first place you will find anything new in fashion. Some Parisian styles to look for this year are plaid jackets and pleated skirts, Chanel is the brand you can try out. Pop of bright color with your neutral outfit, bra tops with tailored coats, mini hemlines, and platform heels.

Paris Aesthetic
Paris Aesthetic: Creative feel

This is the ultimate guide to dress like a Parisian. Just go with minimal, tres chic fashion and you are good to go to enjoy your evening in Paris.

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