Korean fashion aesthetic

Add some Korean Fashion Aesthetic To Your Closet

Korean fashion aesthetic: Intro

Korean fashion aesthetic is indeed the talk of the town. It trends has greatly impacted the fashion industry worldwide. Taking from design houses to fast fashion brands, all are incorporating some k-elements to their collection. Korean wave (Hallyu) has spread massively and thanks to k-pop and or k-dramas that Korean fashion style is now famous around the globe. Watching our favorite K-pop artists or k-drama actor-actresses wearing cute and pretty outfits also makes us want to try them. Well, knowingly or unknowingly we all own some pieces inspired by Korean aesthetics. So, here`s a detailed description of the different Korean aesthetics that you can try if you haven’t already.

Know more about Korean fashion aesthetic:

If you do follow Korean fashion or celebrities, you might have observed them wearing very casual aesthetic, cozy yet stylish outfits. Korean aesthetics represents comfortable and soft color outfits. This type of style is really eye-appealing, stylish, and can be easily put together. However, there are certain designated styles that you can try according to your preference. The first and the most commonly seen Korean aesthetic is the oversized trend or Boyfriend look.

You will see a lot of people following this trend in Korea and now outside of Korea. This is a comfy-looking aesthetic and will give you a teddy bear-like feel, either you can try an oversized top or boyfriend pants or a top-to-bottom oversized outfit.

Korean fashion aesthetic
Korean fashion aesthetic: At Best

It is the simplest yet fashionable style, just top it with some gold jewelry and you are good to go. Another popular Korean aesthetic is the Grunge aesthetic.  All things black represents Grunge fashion, it’s the lack of color or monotone that are characteristics of the aesthetic. You must have seen BTS rocking this look at airports. One can try an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie along with cargo pants and a bucket hat to achieve this type of look. The high teen fashion is inspired by late 90s fashion and includes cute, pretty, and pastel tops and skirts. With the popularity of the back-to-school aesthetic, you must have seen sweater vests, pleated skirts, and berets in trends since the last year.

Retro femme is another K- aesthetic particularly only for females, one can try floral dresses with puffy sleeves or collared blouse, t-shirt beneath a strappy dress. You can all these aesthetics as they are easily achievable and chic. Most of the above-listed trends can also be followed by men and are gender-neutral

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 Korean fashion aesthetic is not just only defined by its outfits, other elements like chunky boots or shoes, cute and petite accessories will take your look up a notch. These aesthetics are edgy and elegant at the same time. Korean aesthetics are Gen-Z friendly, hassle-free yet chic, it’s more about size or silhouette that defines it from the others.

Korean fashion aesthetic
Magic of Korean fashion aesthetic

This fashion style is everywhere on the internet or in Vogue magazine, teen vogue, etc. Korean aesthetic is irresistible and once you try it out you are going to fall in love with it!

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