90s Hip Hop Fashion

90s Hip Hop Fashion: Just Unforgettable

90s Hip Hop fashion: Intro

The 90s era was a legendary time that has given the world many iconic artists and music. Along with this, the fashion statement of these artists, singers, and rappers was out of this world, nothing you have ever seen before. It was the edgiest trend ever seen at that time and it became so famous that people around the world were seen following the fashion style. This trend was bought on by black music groups such as Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, and Bone thugs-n-harmony. female-led groups such as TLC, Destiny`s Child, and many more were the trendsetters at that time. Since the 90s nostalgia hits the fashion industry now and then, it is important to be acquainted with this popular trend (90s Hip Hop fashion). Checkout more about Norris Nuts Fashion for Young Adults and Teens.

Dive into 90s Hip Hop style fashion: Class

Fashion has always been a mode of expression and especially back in the days there were a lot of groups than solo artists, so they used fashion to express the group’s identity and image. There used to be some uniqueness to every group’s style and that`s how they were recognized. Some 90s Hip Hop fashion trends to look out for are the bucket hats. Bucket hats were extensively used during the 90s and now this trend is making a comeback. Timberland boots were another thing famous in the 90s, the classic tan color suede boot was worn by various rappers and R&B artists. Oversized tees and long silhouettes define the 90s hip hop trend, oversized outfits were excessively worn by celebrities, in the streets of New York, LA, etc., and are generally known as passed-on clothes.

90s Hip Hop Fashion
90s Hip Hop Fashion: Unforgettable

Dungaree or overalls were big in fashion back in the day, most commonly seen in music videos and dance videos. Dungaree was worn with t-shirts, hoodies, or with nothing at all, one strap undone, fitted, or baggy, there were various ways it was styled in. Many bands such as TLC and singers like Tupac were usually seen rocking these. Denim was heavily in trend in the 90s hip hop era, from top to bottom (90s Hip Hop fashion).

Hip hop trend is known for its edginess and the first image that comes to mind is rappers wearing a vest and below-the hips jeans with a bandana. Singer and rappers are also seen rocking gold interlocked chains with their outfits.

It was not only males who introduced amazing fashion in this era but female singers and groups also introduce jaw-dropping trends. Such as monotone co-ord sets, branded athleisure wear, over-the-top metallic outfits with metallic makeup, camouflage, cut-out body con dresses, etc. The list could go on and on but these were styles that were worth mentioning.

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This trend was the greatest of all time and we get to see some of the essence of this in the contemporary fashion styles. The best part about the hip-hop trend is that most of the outfits are gender-neutral and girls wore it with as much sass as boys did. Well, above listed trends are some that we wanted to steal and try out ourselves. The funky, edgy, and sassiness made us fall for the 90`s hip hop fashion (90s Hip Hop fashion).

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