80s anime aesthetic

80s Anime Aesthetic To Make Shine With

80s anime aesthetic: Introduction 

Explore the world of 80’s aesthetics today with a hint of anime. The ’80s aesthetic is considered the golden age of anime for a reason. Around this time, itself, producers actually started plonking towards much extensive and experimental aesthetic choices. Plus, the aesthetics suddenly started being the centrepiece of the anime world. As we proceeded, 90’s anime studios started becoming bigger and bigger with inflating higher budgets. Anime aesthetics were all set to be the next big hit.

 The good old anime aesthetics from the 1980s are primarily traditional and contain weird yet interesting figures and characters. Anime aesthetics feature a typical visual language instilled with vibrant facial expressions and agile bodily expressions, with hime cuts, vibrant colours, big-rounded prominent, and expressive eyes. The visual elements are most noticeable if portrayed on the trendy posters, magazines, and goodies marketed to anime fanatics.

80s anime aesthetic: Class 

Aesthetically speaking, the era of 80’ remained incredibly beneficial, giving us some of the ground-breaking aesthetic choices ever made in history. The reason why people can’t stop about talking it is in 2022. Some fanatics also name it the decade of crowded aesthetics because of the abundance of new aesthetic choices being introduced around this time.

80s anime aesthetic
80s anime aesthetic: Class of a great time

 But which 80’s anime aesthetic is best? Well, the answer may be different for everyone. But the recent popularity of animes clearly suggests the popularity & fondness for 80’s anime aesthetic in young generations as well. The ’80s was an amazing time for all kinds of revealing media and anime led the baton. Anime aesthetics were no exception, as such. With lots of attention garnering today, anime aesthetics continue to be lucrative for modern audiences. It is thus important to revisit the best animes to understand the elements of aesthetics that intrigued people so much. There are some shows that still hold up to this day with amazing animation and gripping stories.

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Fan of Static Background:

It’s hard to explain why people like ‘classic’ 80s anime aesthetic so much. I think it has something to do with the art direction, as much older anime seem more realistic, proportioned and less ‘abstract’ (for the lack of a better word). I’m also a fan of static background ‘cells’, which were usually coloured and shaded with aquarelle paints. Western animation used to have them as well. They had a distinct look and were a nice contrast next to the ‘action’ frames of moving characters and objects.

 Anime as a form of entertainment has always been applauded for its aesthetics. It has long been the same, ever since 1917 to be precise. There must be something more to it which made it tempting even for the younger generations to be precise. The 1980s, the golden age of anime. Whether it was for a massive franchise of Dragon Ball or popularizing the genre in the West, everyone has fallen for the love of anime aesthetics in the decade of ’80s because of its mysterious mood board.

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