A Guide to Earning More Money as A UX Designer

So, you decide to pursue your passion and enter a creative and modern career field. Naturally, the option of UX design becomes evident.

What next? You can kickstart your professional journey by completing a comprehensive course. However, the topic of ux designer salary will always pop up in your head.

Currently, UX designers in Australia earn an average wage of just over AUD 74,000 annually. So, is this income enough to satisfy your lifestyle?

Well, the answer can be subjective. However, the good thing is — you can earn more bucks than the mean salary value. This article contains practical tips to help existing designers or UX enthusiasts earn more money.

Practical Tips to Augment Your Income as A UX Designer

Modern professions like UI/UX designing, content writing, and digital marketing can offer a decent scope to earn extra bucks. The trick is to capitalise on the skillset and establish fruitful connections. If you are or aspire in the future to be a proficient UX designer, here are some practical approaches to follow.

  1. Build an Array of Technical Skills

Regardless of the profession, skills always play a vital role in amplifying your output. Similarly, the best UX designers invest in developing a wide range of attributes. As a result, the fluctuating ux designer salary never becomes a significant concern. Here are some of the must-have skills to develop:

  • HTML 
  • CSS
  • Prototyping
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Interaction design

In addition to these aspects, you should pay equal attention to wireframing. Consequently, you can offer your clients or company a high-value output and get a pay raise.

  1. Gain Invaluable Experience

You might be a talented UX designer, but a blend of skills and experience will certainly help you earn more. Companies always value professionals who can showcase a wide range of projects. This trait builds reliability and stability in an occupation. Experienced professionals can handle different types of requirements by maintaining high quality. As a result, such designers earn more than newbies. So, keep patience and try to gain high experience in this domain.

  1. Acquire Freelance Projects

As a UX designer, you have the chance to work on multiple freelance projects simultaneously. This way, it becomes easy to earn additional income with high convenience.

If you are associated with a company, communicate this desire. After all, you wouldn’t want to jeopardise the relations and risk a full-time job.

Nowadays, most companies allow UX designers to work on gigs that do not cause competition or hamper the client base.

  1. Showcase Your Portfolio and Achievements

If you want a rise in your current salary, it is better to document your past and ongoing projects. Explain to the respective personnel the value you provide and the complex design tasks you have handled and executed. The probability of earning more income after showing your work is definitely high.

In A Nutshell

The profile of a UX designer can be satisfying, exciting, and to some extent, financially rewarding. However, you should follow some practical tips to augment the earning factor. Be sure to upgrade your skills, showcase your portfolio, build experience, and work on some freelance projects. Before all, complete a professional course from well-established and reputed training institutes. You can start from the fundamentals and grow to become a professional. Your dedication and skillset design your worth.

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