Why You Need A Crawl Space Encapsulation For Your Crawl Space

What is the purpose of a crawl space in a house? Does it serve any use if it’s merely an empty gap between the ground and first floors of your home, usually 1-3 feet in height?

Crawl spaces are found in many older homes, but they are only found in a small fraction of newer homes produced today. The original goal was to make it simple to go to the underside of your house to install or repair essential utilities. Plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC installation, and ducting are all examples of this.

Your crawl space also has an aesthetic purpose. It’s the ideal location for concealing all of the utilities, as mentioned earlier so that your home appears more beautiful from the outside. So, while this vacant space may appear to be useless, it has a purpose.

Getting To Know Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Despite the fact that crawl spaces have a real purpose, some homeowners may perceive them to be a nuisance rather than a benefit. The truth is that your crawl space is a hotspot for all kinds of activity beneath your house.

Crawl spaces that have been neglected can be a real pain, whether it’s due to moisture buildup and harmful mold growth, an insect or rodent infestation, or interior condensation difficulties. Furthermore, all of these concerns have an impact on the indoor air quality of your home. This, in turn, has an impact on your health.

This is why it’s critical to have your crawl space encapsulated if you have any of these problems or even better before they arise.

Suppose you don’t have a crawl space and instead have a basement. In that case, basement encapsulation is also a good idea for the same reasons. Without encapsulation, these sections are below ground level and will always pose a risk to your home.

While crawl space encapsulation can be done on your own, it is not recommended. Because you only want to pay for this job once, it needs to be done correctly. In this instance, it’s ideal to enlist the help of a seasoned contractor with experience in this area.

When Should You Consider Installing Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Assume you’ve just moved into a new house and discovered it has a crawl area. This is something you should consider if the room is not encased before any problems develop. When it comes to health hazards in the house, prevention is always preferable to cure.

If you’ve lived in your home for a while and it’s on the older side, you should think about encapsulation when:

  • Mold and mildew are common problems in your house.
  • You may have soft or separating wooden floors.
  • The expense of cooling or heating your home continues to rise.
  • Your insulation is soaked and useless.
  • You have a problem with condensation and wetness in your home on a regular basis.
  • You’re dealing with a pest or insect problem.

However, before you contact a contractor, you should think about a few crucial considerations. First, before encapsulation, you’ll need to address any bulk water issues, such as huge amounts of sitting water or water stains.

Suppose you have an insect problem in your house. In that case, you should contact pest control to determine the severity of the situation. There are limits to how much of your crawl area you can encapsulate if they determine you have a termite problem. 

If you have combustion equipment in your crawl space, you must allow for back-drafting. Before you entirely lock off this region, you must be confident that it is ready for it.

The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Naturally, you want a good understanding of whether the expense is worth the investment when it comes to any large home renovation job. So allow these crawl space encapsulation advantages to speak for themselves:

  • Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

By adding another layer of insulation to your crawl space, you may create an additional barrier between your home and the weather. This extra layer will improve temperature control in your home and, as a result, reduce the amount of energy you need for heating and cooling. Overall, this aids in the regulation or even reduction of your monthly bills.

  • Banishing Mold Growth

Mold development is unquestionably unhealthy, not to mention unattractive and smelly. Moreover, mold is extremely dangerous because it hides, develops, and spreads in places you might not expect.

Encapsulating your crawl area creates a moisture-proof barrier that keeps mold from growing in your home.

  • Keep Creepy Crawlies Away

Crawl spaces are ideal breeding grounds for insects, including roaches, mice, and rats. It’s also a convenient entry point into your home.

You can reduce the likelihood of bug infestations, rodent and vermin problems and keep your house safe and clean by sealing your crawl space.

  • Boost the Value of Your Home

Crawl space encapsulation, like many other home improvement projects, can increase the market value of your property. This is particularly true if your home is older and you want to sell it in the near future.

Encapsulation appeals to potential purchasers because it eliminates the need for them to undertake/fund the task themselves. This means you can ask for a more excellent price for your house while also providing peace of mind to potential buyers.

  • Improve Air Quality and Create a Healthy Home

As previously said, your crawl space/basement affects a significant percentage of the air you breathe within your home. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to improve air quality and eradicate any potential pollutants that may be developing and spreading in a crawl space is to seal it off.

Boosting indoor air quality can benefit your health in a variety of ways, including reducing allergies, improving sleep, focus, and much more.

At Carolina Crawlspace Pros, we believe that your home’s health begins underground. So if you want a professional, economical, and thorough crawl space encapsulation, we are the company to call.

Please take a look at our encapsulation services, whether you need it for a crawl space or a basement. Maybe you need a home assessment, waterproofing, or structural repairs. We also provide the service.

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