Balenciaga slides

Like you have never seen before: Balenciaga slides

Slides are the new style statement people are adding to their look. Celebs go for casual yet chic slides and are often spotted by paparazzi rocking their effortless look. Slides are an amazing utility product that looks simple, easy to put on, and grabs attention whenever you wear them. It is just so easy to slide in and go out for lunch or a coffee date, but as simple as it is in its usage, it is not as simple when it comes to looks. Brands have taken the slides business quite seriously! They are on it with their funky designs and quirky styles. Well, Balenciaga makes the quirkiest slides you will find in the market, let`s see the proof!

‘Slide’ into details: Balenciaga slides

Balenciaga is a luxury brand and they have got their shoe game strong. Balenciaga shoes and bags are the most famous in the market, you must have heard of their bestseller Speed Lt “sock-like” shoes. A brand like Balenciaga could never go wrong with its footwear collection. Hence, their slides are something to look out for.

Balenciaga slides
Balenciaga slides: Class at best

If you are someone who likes to try out-of-the-box things, well these slides are just for you. They use premium material for their products, so they are quite expensive; however, there is no compromise towards quality. They offer various styles to choose from as the simple rubber pool slides with the brand’s logo on them. You can find these in popping shades and neutral tones, their furry slide sandals are very classy, chunky, and platform slides for women who like to go all fancy.

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Bizarre slides: Balenciaga slides

The above-listed slides weren’t as over the top in designs, they were quite minimalistic and many other brands have such slides to offer too. So, Balenciaga has to do something which people have never seen before when it comes to slides. The brand has a few pieces that will change the definition of slides for you.

Starting with the Pool crocs for women, Balenciaga took inspiration from Crocs and made an open-toe croc style slide. It gives both the looks of sandals and crocs. Another crazy design is for men, the Track slides are intricately designed and it looks like a deconstructed shoe! The Mold slide sandal is another sleek design to go for. Balenciaga always outshines itself with its creative yet funky ideas.

Points to be noted:

These slides are of excellent quality, chic, and luxurious. Hence, there are no doubts about it being pretty expensive and will put a dent in your bank account. Nonetheless, Balenciaga never seizes to surprise us with its unique products. They are infamous for designing heels out of their slides and crocs.

Balenciaga slides
Balenciaga slides: Creative input

It is weird yet exciting at the same time and someone who likes to make heads turn to them must try these out. You can easily get access to them through their online site and stores. However there are many knockoffs available in the market, but the true delight is in wearing the original Balenciaga slides, isn’t` it?

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