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Anime are very popular in Japan as they are known for their excellent story with addition to great characterizations of protagonists. There is no sort of gender discrimination in the decisio to make male or female leads for the anime, hence the craze for these shows is truly amazing. One such popular female lead character from anime is Kumin Tsuyuri and we will try to understand the reason behind her popularity.

Character Origins: Kumin Tsuyuri

Kumin Tsuyuri appears in the animated television series ‘Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!’. She appears as a high school yteenager wh is ever so energetic and always charming with her innocence. She is seen as a sleep lover as she is always napping around in the high school and in the episodes thereafter, it just gets increased. The teenage drama behind her everyday habit of sleeping on the most unusual occasions. She also appeared in the novel of the same title, but this time, she came in the third volume’s 4th chapter which was relatively late for a protagonist character.

Character Backhistory: Kumin Tsuyuri

Kumin Tsuyuri is a 16 year old teenager from a small town and is currently studying second year of high school. She is a very innocent, cute and adorable girl in the anime who has a very alarmingly unusual habit of napping anywhere. She has a sleep disorder and sleeps irrespective of the place she is in. 

Kumin lives with her family where her father is abroad for work purposes. The over protective nature of her mother made her entire schooling from kindergarten without leaving home hence she has no idea of how the world acts outside. She is very innocent and pure without any toxicity or jealousy of the outside world, but when she goes to high school, she is introduced to many such people who look at her as an alien but with her innocence she takes things lightly without being hurt.

Character Appearance: Kumin Tsuyuri

Kumin is a very beautiful, soft hearted, kind and humble teenager in the anime. Character appearance is always seen in the school uniform for the most part of the anime where Character appearance wears black formal coat over white full hands shirt and red striped skirt which is marginally shorter considering the high school trend of short skirts but not so inappropriate as she was just sweet 16. 

She is seen wearing normal t shirts and pyjamas whenever she is in the home and with her innocence she looks even prettier. Character appearance has beautiful purple eyes with black short, baby cut hair style. She is extremely beautiful but with her innocence she shines the cuter out of the class.

Character Personality

Kumin Tsuyuri has very pure heart and genuine feelings for everyone. She doesn’t hate orhas jealousy over her classmates especially her high school girls as she is very honest and pure by nature. Character personality is extremely innocent and doesn’t understand why people hate each other by saying good things in front and bad things on their back. 

She is very lazy as well as less competent but whenever she is challenged Character personality never backs off and tries to face the challenges with a brave heart. She has a napping habit but she sleeps with such excessive interest in it that she even decides to make a nap club in the school, defying all the negativity and mockery on her.

Kumin Tsuyuri

Character Popularity

Although this anime was not a blockbuster hit, it made good numbers on viewerships as the character of Kumin was very much liked by the audience. Her innocence, purity of soul and sweet mouth made her famous. Kumin is considered to be the most beautiful person in and out, as she had physical as well as mental beauty. The success of the anime was not groundbreaking but the characterization of Kumin was very much appreciated and she had a fair bit of following due to her cuteness and innocent soul. 

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