How to Play Teen Patti Game Online?

Betting rules should be familiarized with before you start playing Teen Patti game online at any of the casinos recommended by the Teen Patti resource hub. Several important terms are used in the game. A player must determine and place at the center of the table before betting begins the boot amount, also known as the minimum bet. A player has to stake at least this amount to add to the pot.

Here are the tips to play teen patti game online:

Three to six players participate in Teen Patti game online and use a 52-card pack without jokers. Teen Patti starts by placing a bet, as in other rummy and poker games. Prior to dealing the cards, players usually need to wager a specific sum of money. Following the player’s bet, three cards are dealt face down to each player after the boot amount is gathered from everyone. Keeping the boot amount in the pot denotes that the pot is kept at the boot amount. Throughout the table, the pot sits.

After the player and the dealer have each been dealt three cards, the move is to call or raise. Poker players must be familiar with these terms since they are commonly used in the game. Calling means that the player will stick with their bet but will not raise their wager, whereas raising means the player will add cash to the pot, thereby risking to win or lose more than their initial wager.

During the course of the game, the cash amount grows and is won by the person who stays in the game until the end of the game and has the best hand or the highest hand. According to the cards’ ranking, the highest card wins.

Teen Patti Game Online Rules

2 is the lowest ranking, followed by the Aces. Before the game ends, the player with the best 3-card hand wins. According to the rankings:

In decreasing order of importance:

Trail or Set

The same rank of three cards. The highest hand is a three ace hand, and the lowest hand is a three two hand.

Pure sequence or the Straight Flush

The same suit on three consecutive cards.


It cannot be the same suit on each card.

High Card

Here is the hand where no two cards have the same value, all three cards are not in a sequence, and none of the suits are the same. In a tie involving two high cards, the highest card of the remaining player will decide who will win.

So, these were the rules of teen patti game online for the beginners.

What is Online Mendicot Game?

Mendicot (pronounced mendee-coat) is an Indian card game. Now you can also play it on internet as a online mendicot game. This game is similar to dehla pakad, which is played in North India. It is the team’s ultimate goal to win all the 10s (10 clubs, 10 diamonds, 10 spades) in the game. It is a very fun game to play online with your friends.

The number of users has increased many times since it’s available on the internet. While I didn’t play it before, I am now playing the online Medicot game.

The game originated in Gujarat and Maharashtra and is called Mendicot. A world-famous trick and interesting gameplay have however taken over this industry. It is possible to use Mendicotte tricks to win most other games like Spades and Poker. If you are tired of your hectic work schedules and want to take a relaxing weekend break, then play the amazing online Mendicot game. A team of two can play this game with four players.

Ranking of Cards- Unlike other games, this one starts with Ace and goes up until King before reaching the 2’s.

Online mendicot game can be successfully played online when a team wins two tricks of Tens. This game is won by the first team to score a trick.

Players- A regular 52-card deck is sufficient for a 4-player game. Earlier, we stated that the teams would be playing anticlockwise.


Are you not excited for playing teen patti games online for the first time with your friends and family? You can earn money by playing teen patti game online.

And 2nd online mendicot game will also make your interest more to play this game.

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