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Art Of WhatsApp Swallow Half Entire World

The entire world is suffering from social media crises and Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are worst affected by this outage. This app suffered an outage and all the six million life were affected by this turmoil. How WhatsApp Global Southwodinskygizmodo?


The whole world called this outage as called Global North and likely to face this socio-economic phrase and which is encompasses the global countries of the United States and Canada. But this news comes as a great relief to People living in the north of the globe and this news is in contrast to those who are living in the global south. So there is a panic situation around those who are living deep down south and those who are away from family a panic environment is created.

Analysing Geographic Base

People with most important thing is that the social media site, Facebook contain awful design and also is full of awful people also most of the time spend on this site by people is comparatively less as compared to other sites such as WhatsApp, and Instagram. But living in another place such as Brazil, Uganda and any other country is situated in the south of the globe. This news is not relieved to people who are living in the south. In the Global South, people are preferring the services of Facebook and which doesn’t only serve as an only app in these countries but it acts as a utility in these countries which is situated globally south will be panicked by this situation. This situation has panicked both the side of people who stay on either side of the globe.

Dependency on App

People are greatly dependent on WhatsApp only for every situation. 90% of people download WhatsApp on their phones and for example during the time of Israel and social costs which is involved in switching to these apps are very high and when the situation arises they need to cut those apps out of the life is like a virtual surgery.

About WhatsApp Company

WhatsApp was initially developed by Meta Platforms and it was released on January 2009. Also allowing users by sending text messages and video calls and other content through this app. Then Facebook acquired WhatsApp company. So WhatsApp’s business was boosted after Facebook was acquired and then WhatsApp became a popular messaging application in 2015.

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Why Apps are dominated in Global South?

According to Report from the world wide web foundation customers who are residing in the global south there 7% monthly spending on mobile data. And these areas are worst affected by poverty during early times. Then in 2004 apps like skype and WhatsApp were launched in these countries that are suffering from poverty and which make residents afford this internet connection. These apps will able to provide this reliable and affordable way to build connections with family who is staying abroad with a cheap device and all day internet connection that is available for 24 hours 7 days in a week.

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