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Acquco Raises $160 Million in Series A Funding to Assist Amazon Third-Party Sellers in Exiting Their Businesses

Acquco, a platform focused on acquiring third-party sellers on Amazon, announced the completion of a $160 million Series A round to fund its aggressive growth plans, which will be fueled by its unique operational advantage and unparalleled understanding of Amazon. CoVenture, Singh Capital Partners, Crossbeam, and other notable investors such as Aman Bhutani participated in the round (GoDaddy, CEO). The proceeds will be used to grow its portfolio to more than $500 million in revenue by 2022, as well as to continue developing its technology platform.Acquconybased amazon amazon 160m.

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acquco amazon amazon 160m
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Raunak Nirmal and his co-founder Wiley Zhang, who has a background in finance and consulting, founded the New York-based company in 2020 after working at Amazon. Nirmal and Zhang have been collaborating for seven years, building brands like RefundLabs, which automates the inventory claims process for third-party e-commerce merchants, and consulting for businesses. This brought them to Acquco. They left RefundLabs to run Acquco, a company that acquires brands and takes them to the next level. Acquco is the latest third-party seller acquirer, also known as an e-commerce aggregator, to raise significant capital this year. Razor Group, based in Germany, announced $400 million in equity and debt funding last week, while Berlin Brands Group, also based in Germany, announced $240 million in debt financing. All three are part of a long line of aggregators attracting capital.

Edge of Acquco

Acquco was founded on the founding and executive team’s unparalleled Amazon and M&A expertise. Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang, the founders, have built multi-million dollar Amazon businesses, consulted for the world’s largest Amazon sellers, and created tools that enable thousands of Amazon sellers to maximise their profits. Furthermore, Acquco’s Chief Strategy Officer Jerel Ho, who previously led Corporate Development and Strategy at WeWork and was a career investment banker, has closed over $40 billion in M&A transactions. From brand management to supply chain, the company uses technology to automate management and generate efficiencies across all operational functions. Acquco’s proprietary algorithms examine thousands of criteria sets and millions of data inputs in order to inform key operational decisions across the portfolio.

Early Success

Acquco closes deals in less than 30 days, faster than competitors, thanks to its optimised playbooks and technology. It has also enabled the Company to efficiently scale in less than a year, achieving more than $100 million in revenue to date while deploying less than $2 million in equity capital.

About Acquco

Acquco is creating the world’s largest ecommerce platform, with a focus on acquiring and growing Amazon Marketplace businesses and operating across multiple platforms such as Walmart, eBay, and Shopify. The Company, using proprietary technology and proven playbooks, assists Amazon sellers in exiting their business within 30 days and continues to scale their business post-acquisition. Acquco is a proven operator with proprietary playbooks and deep expertise across the entire Amazon ecosystem, having raised $160 million in funding.

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