A Brief Guide to Choosing the Perfect Suit for Men

Many men feel as though they are lost in a sea of options when it comes to getting dressed. Selecting a suit might be challenging with many available styles, fabrics, and colours. So, learn how to select men’s suits for every occasion with the help of this thorough guide. Next, discuss selecting a suit for formal occasions and business attire. 

You can select the ideal suit for any occasion by heeding the suggestions listed below:

Body Type

It’s crucial to take the time to choose the suit that best suits your body type because there are so many different suit types available. The ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body types are the three most common, and each has a distinct set of qualities to consider when selecting a suit. These body forms can come in variations like apple and pear shapes, and they should prefer tailored outfits with some structure. Instead of focusing on the waist, draw attention to the neck and shoulder area. Also, when selecting the ideal suit, height also plays a role. So, choose a suit with longer suit jacket sleeves if you are on the taller side. By doing this, you may avoid the fabric bunching up and making you look shorter. Additionally, a two-button jacket will help lengthen your torso if you are shorter.

Accessories Matter

After selecting the ideal suit, it’s time to accessorise! Your suit can become outstanding with the correct accessories. For instance, there are countless options when it comes to ties, and you can go for one that complements your suit or contrasts with it for a daring style. You can decide on a solid colour, patterned, or bow tie; there are no boundaries! Besides, consider comfort and style when selecting the best pair of shoes. Make sure the shoes you purchase are comfy because you’ll be on your feet long.

However, avoid sacrificing flair for comfort. Select a stylish pair of dress shoes if you have a particular event. Brown shoes are more prevalent in rural areas, whereas black shoes are safe in cities. Moreover, the ideal method to add a splash of colour or design to men’s suits is with a pocket square. So, choose a pocket square that matches your tie.

Detailing Is King

Your suit won’t fit anywhere else if the shoulders are too tight. And refrain from believing salespeople when they claim they can resize or alter the shoulder pads. However, given the popularity of shorter suits today, some coats extend an inch past the cuff of your suit sleeve. 

The jacket should be easy for you to button. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be more than a fist’s worth of gap between the button and your chest. Meanwhile, a tailor can adjust pants about an inch too tight or too big at the waist.


  1. Be mindful of the little things.
  2. Verify that there are no loose threads and that the buttons are attached firmly.
  3. Make sure your hair is well done and your shoes are shining.

By paying attention to these rules, you can choose business clothes that will stand out in an interview. It’s crucial to keep in mind that wearing professional clothes isn’t just necessary for interviews. And if you want to look dapper in a perfect suit, irrespective of the occasion, these pointers will go a long way in helping you.

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